Obscure Disney Songs

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"Life’s Too Short" (cut song from FROZEN)

Sung by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel!


This is what happens when your friend reminds you about audio editing. I ended up lowering the pitch on Let It Go from the new Frozen movie. And I gotta say, it’s really nice. Have yourself a listen and see what I mean.

And of course I had to draw a quick genderbend for this

EDIT: I’ve been getting a bunch of requests for this, so here you go folks:

Download this version of the song here

Also if you’re looking for the Karaoke/Instrumental track for this particular version, you can find it right here!

"In the Middle of the River" | deleted song from POCAHONTAS

Frozen Sheet Music Downloads & Printable Sheet Music at Musicnotes.com

FROZEN fans will be pleased to hear that Disney has released sheet music for all the songs in the film PLUS scores for several deleted songs!

"We Know Better" cut from Disney’s FROZEN

A demo of a song for young Anna and Elsa that was cut from the film early on.

"Life’s too Short" (Reprise) cut from Disney’s FROZEN

"Life’s Too Short" was a duet for Anna and Elsa that was cut from the film.  This demo is a beautiful reprise of that song.

"Life’s Too Short" cut from Disney’s FROZEN

A deleted duet for Anna and Elsa.

"More Than Just the Spare" cut from Disney’s FROZEN

This song was intended to be for Anna.

"Made of Stone" from The Hunchback of Notre Dame (musical)

A rare English live recording of this hit song from the upcoming stage musical adaptation of Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Sung by Josh Strickland at the 2013 D23 concert, ‘Broadway and Beyond.’

"Le Jazz Hot" cut from The Aristocats

This new recording sung by Ty Taylor is featured on the recent Lost Chords: The Aristocats album.